Home again

Home for a little while.  The fall Colorado Campers on Mission rally is coming up, and we will be in Pueblo for the Rally and to help at the evangelism booth at the State Fair.  Anyone who would like to come to the Rally, let us know!

Family Time

We are now in Canonsburg, PA.  We are helping our granddaughter remodel the house they just bought and are playing with our great grandtwins.  This is some of the hardest work we have done in a while, but it’s very rewarding.  The house is a beautifull Colonial style red brick that has 3 levels.  Nancy has a bad knee, so the stairs give her problems.  We have been at it for a little over a week and the progress is impressive.  The main baths are almost finished with new tile and paint and a new counter top in one, and a new vanity to be installed tomorrow in the other.  Nancy is doing all the tile work and all the drywall work while Jim plays with the kids and helps a bit with the installation of sundry items.  Some of us know how to enjoy life more than others.  Pray that we have the house ready in time for them to move in by the 15th.  When we leave here we are going to try to tour the states that we have been assigned to lead for Campers On Mission.  Do pray that we can do a good job with COM.  It is an organization that reaches a lot of people for the Lord.  Keep us in your prayers.