November – a time to be thankful

November found us in our motorhome in Prescott, Arizona, ministering to folks in a campground there. It was NOT what we were anticipating, but the Lord used us anyway. Having traveled there to participate in First Baptist Church’s huge Thanksgiving Outreach, we found ourselves in a campground populated mostly by homeless people, with no water. The campground has no power, and there is no host after November 1. They also turn off the water at the same time, due to freezing weather in this mile high area. For people living in tents, and without transportation, that can be rough. The Lord gave us a motorhome with a 90-gallon fresh water tank for a reason! It also has an “outdoor shower” so there are faucets in a storage compartment, providing access to our water even when we weren’t there. We were able to meet a real need, giving “a cup of cold water” to these folks, in Jesus’ name. (Actually, we brought them gallon jugs and showed them where to refill them.) We were also able to hang a power cord out of one of the storage bins, so they could charge their cell phones. We discovered that cell phones are essential for the homeless – it makes sense that if you don’t have a landline or even an address, a cell phone is the only way to keep in touch.
We were also able to provide transportation, Thanksgiving food baskets, and blankets to cold campers. A friend brought out hot meals on Thanksgiving day, to the delight of the “campers.” God used us to help with the Thanksgiving outreach, but also to do ministry in a more direct way, because we know He put us exactly where He wanted us.