Campers On Mission

Colorado Campers On Mission in Oak Creek

We are taking over direction of the Colorado Chapter of Campers on Mission, and are very excited about the possibilities in this new mission field.  We are also assuming leadership of the eleven-state region that now includes Arizona and New Mexico.

What Is Campers on Mission?    

Campers on Mission (COM) is a national fellowship of Christian campers who share their faith while they camp. Membership is open to Christian campers of all denominations and requires no membership fees, only a willingness to join other campers in fellowship and service. Whether you are a tent camper, a backpacker, an RVer, a touring cyclist, or a trailer camper, whoever you are, however and wherever you camp, you will want to consider being a member of COM. Retired couples, young families, and singles are a vital part of the COM family. COM provides a great way to experience the relaxation of a vacation with the satisfaction of a mission project. It’s a great pathway to “be on mission”. As a camper, you are in a unique position to help meet mission needs. Because you have experience in adapting to new people in a variety of locations, and because you can take your housing with you, you can serve in mission settings where needs are great and resources are limited.

A love of the great outdoors and Christian fellowship are two characteristics of Campers on Mission. Whether backpackers hiking mountain trails, families on vacation, or senior citizens motoring the highways, they look for ways to tell others about Jesus Christ and God’s love.

Campers on Mission participate in short-term missions projects across the United States and Canada. Typically, these projects last a week or more. They could be anything from construction, disaster relief work, and Backyard Bible Clubs to projects at state fairs, campgrounds, NASCAR races, parades, or truck stops. In many creative ways, Campers on Mission combine their love of the outdoors with ministry across North America. 

Campers on Mission Logo   The COM logo was designed to provide opportunities to witness about faith in Jesus Christ. The design—a fish encircled by a compass—promotes conversation. The fish, an early Christian symbol, denotes personal acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior.  The compass star symbolizes the expanse of God’s creation and reminds members that, wherever they roam, God is present. The circle surrounding the design represents God’s eternal existence and bountiful love for all people. Another benefit of the distinctive emblem is that members displaying it are easily identified by one another so they can join together in Christian fellowship “as they go.”


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