Where are those people and what are they up to?

Out there, and being the church, of course!  give link

The last couple of weeks in January found us in Quartzsite, AZ with the AZ Campers On Mission. We spent the first ten days or so camped in the desert, and again, God plunked us down in the vicinity of a group of homeless folks who needed some loving. We were able to let them charge their cell phones, and offered them books and water. We had the opportunity to pray with some of them, and it blessed our lives being able tdanielle stray cafeo get to know them.  How many times do we see only the dirty clothes, the dreadlocks, the backpack, but not the person?  We were blessed to get to look in the eyes of some truly beautiful people, and touch them with just a little bit of the love Jesus has for them. Pray that God continues to show us those He wants to love through us.
jordanstray cafe bus   our bookshelf Jim and Larry electrical at Quartzsite

Quartzsite, Arizona – World’s biggest yard sale – or mission field!

Quartzsite, AZ is home to only a few thousand people in the summer. But in January, it grows to hundreds of thousands. The folks who swarm to the desert each winter appear to fall into two categories – buyers and sellers. This truly IS the “World’s biggest yard sale,” and not just on weekends. There are several large flea markets as well as “yard sales” all over town, every day of the week. But there are also thousands of lost, hurting, seeking folks who need to hear the Truth. We are here to touch some of those lives. Will you pray for us as we try to shine the LIGHT into this little town?

November – a time to be thankful

November found us in our motorhome in Prescott, Arizona, ministering to folks in a campground there. It was NOT what we were anticipating, but the Lord used us anyway. Having traveled there to participate in First Baptist Church’s huge Thanksgiving Outreach, we found ourselves in a campground populated mostly by homeless people, with no water. The campground has no power, and there is no host after November 1. They also turn off the water at the same time, due to freezing weather in this mile high area. For people living in tents, and without transportation, that can be rough. The Lord gave us a motorhome with a 90-gallon fresh water tank for a reason! It also has an “outdoor shower” so there are faucets in a storage compartment, providing access to our water even when we weren’t there. We were able to meet a real need, giving “a cup of cold water” to these folks, in Jesus’ name. (Actually, we brought them gallon jugs and showed them where to refill them.) We were also able to hang a power cord out of one of the storage bins, so they could charge their cell phones. We discovered that cell phones are essential for the homeless – it makes sense that if you don’t have a landline or even an address, a cell phone is the only way to keep in touch.
We were also able to provide transportation, Thanksgiving food baskets, and blankets to cold campers. A friend brought out hot meals on Thanksgiving day, to the delight of the “campers.” God used us to help with the Thanksgiving outreach, but also to do ministry in a more direct way, because we know He put us exactly where He wanted us.

237 Decisions at the State Fair

We were so blessed to have our Campers On Mission get to work at the State Fair in the booth with the John 3:16 car.  We helped out for a couple of days, and got to work with some great people doing an awesome work.  They had a total of 237 decisions for Christ during the fair.

Home again

Home for a little while.  The fall Colorado Campers on Mission rally is coming up, and we will be in Pueblo for the Rally and to help at the evangelism booth at the State Fair.  Anyone who would like to come to the Rally, let us know!

Family Time

We are now in Canonsburg, PA.  We are helping our granddaughter remodel the house they just bought and are playing with our great grandtwins.  This is some of the hardest work we have done in a while, but it’s very rewarding.  The house is a beautifull Colonial style red brick that has 3 levels.  Nancy has a bad knee, so the stairs give her problems.  We have been at it for a little over a week and the progress is impressive.  The main baths are almost finished with new tile and paint and a new counter top in one, and a new vanity to be installed tomorrow in the other.  Nancy is doing all the tile work and all the drywall work while Jim plays with the kids and helps a bit with the installation of sundry items.  Some of us know how to enjoy life more than others.  Pray that we have the house ready in time for them to move in by the 15th.  When we leave here we are going to try to tour the states that we have been assigned to lead for Campers On Mission.  Do pray that we can do a good job with COM.  It is an organization that reaches a lot of people for the Lord.  Keep us in your prayers.

On Mission Wherever He Leads

We have been asked to take over leadership of a 10-state region for Campers On Mission. We are currently in Louisiana, having just left the National Campers On Mission rally. We will travel through as many of our region’s states as possible before returning home (not Alaska!) to try to raise awareness of Campers On Mission and the many other opportunities available to those who want to be On Mission. Pray for His will and His glory in our lives, as well as His provision for us to do this task.